Steve and his wife, Dr. Kristina Welker, are excited to announce the release of their new book, Radical Resiliency- Steps for climbing to new heights regardless of life’s challenges’

From the back cover:
“Into each life some rain must fall . . .”
This famous line from the poem The Rainy Day by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is a great reminder that from time to time we all face trials and tribulations in our lives. Some of these challenges are rather minor, while others are life shattering. Regardless of the event or circumstance, our level of resiliency will dictate how happy we are, how successful we are and how quickly we are able to overcome future obstacles.

Unfortunately, studies show that nearly two-thirds of us lack the basic resiliency skills to overcome major challenges in our lives. But the good news is that resiliency skills can be learned before or after trauma strikes. You can develop Radical Resiliency and overcome any obstacle with the Resiliency Triangle.

‘Steve and Dr. Kristina Welker are a husband and wife team who have been utilizing their God given gifts to help others for over twenty years. Steve is a motivational speaker, resiliency trainer and author of the inspirational book, ‘The World at My Fingertips’. Dr. Kristina is a Doctor of Psychology, Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice and writes practical advice articles. The couple not only survived their near-fatal auto accident that left Steve Blind, but thrived. Here, they will share the vital tools that you need to overcome any challenges you may face.’

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‘The World at My Fingertips- A personal story of triumph over tragedy’
By Steve Welker

Tragedy in life is inevitable, and mine is certainly no exception to that rule. After an automobile accident which left me totally blind two weeks before the birth of my twin boys, my bright future was suddenly, horribly dark. If asked at that time to make the choice between living the rest of my life as a blind person and dying in the accident, I would have most certainly taken the later. That was before I learned life’s important lessons of faith and resilience.

In “The World at My Fingertips”, the reader will follow me through my personal journey, a journey that includes the peaks of exhilaration as I learn I will become the father of twin sons by means of very unconventional methods, to the valley of depression and grief after the accident that took my sight. The journey continues as I slowly am able to put my life back together and accomplish things I could have only dreamed of. The book reveals how I discovered my purpose in life.

It is a story of how one does not need to possess super human strength to overcome overwhelming obstacles. With the guidance of the good Lord above and the support and comfort of my amazing wife, family and friends, the future’s so bright, I got to wear shades!


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