“I believe most people, when they truly accept their limitations, can develop or uncover from within themselves an ability to overcome great odds.” ~ Steve Welker


A person who holds or follows strong convictions or extreme principles to accomplish a goal


An ability to recover readily from or adjust easily to misfortune, change or adversity


To prevail over opposition in a struggle or conflict, to conquer or defeat the odds in spite of any handicap one might have.

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Steve Welker hasn’t always been blind…..

Most people have never been blind. So most people can’t fully understand Steve—but Steve Welker can understand them.  That’s what makes his message so powerful.

His story is about a tragedy that has been turned into a triumph of spirit in a world so many of us simply take for granted—but Steve Welker cannot.

DSC_3826When Steve was 37, he thought he had everything going for him. He had a great career, great wife and twins on the way. Steve was leading a charmed life, that was until April 30, 1994. Then, in a matter of seconds, everything changed! In one seemingly senseless, unfathomable moment of disastrous coincidence, just days before the birth of their twin boys, both Steve and Kristi were severely injured in a car crash, and Steve lost his sight forever.

Seeing no other favorable options, Steve learned how to sharpen his resiliency skills and eventually build a new, rewarding life. He has gone on to become a successful businessperson, author, speaker, father and husband. Using his story as an anchor, Steve shares how the closing of doors in your life are signals to start looking for new doors. He explains, by example, how to look for the door knobs, not the locks.

Whether your group is facing unique obstacles, overwhelming change or Personal challenges, Steve’s program can help them build the resiliency skills they need to overcome and thrive. Strong resiliency skills can help anyone bounce back from challenges faster and have happier, more productive lives.

For maximum effectiveness, Steve custom tailors his ‘Radical Resiliency’ message to each group he speaks with.

Let Steve personalize a presentation for you. It is guaranteed to be a message you will not soon forget.

“I believe, most people, when they truly accept their limitations, can develop or uncover from within themselves an ability to overcome great odds. Superhero status is not a prerequisite. One does not have to possess indefatigable willpower or unshakeable motivation to succeed after a tragedy. With the proper tools and faith in God, most people can do it.”


“Steve received Orbit from: Guide Dogs of the Desert”


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“Steve received his rehabilitation from the Arizona Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired”



“With a spirit as strong as his heart, Steve’s ability to connect with audiences and readers is rare and wonderful. I fell in love with him and his family when I first met them, and am honored to call him my friend. A man on a mission is a beautiful thing!”

Leeza Gibbons

Talk Show Host

“I will be recommending Steve Welker as a speaker at other state conventions at every opportunity I have.”

Victor D. McCarley, CIC

Executive Vice President, Alabama Independent Insurance Agents Association

“You are an ordinary person following your dreams and living your life, but also very extraordinary in so many ways. You have followed your own path through life, which has been such an interesting and wonderful journey. You shared several messages that I will take to heart myself. Your message and story are so wonderful, then add your humor and personality and it makes for an awesome presentation for the kids. As a teacher I must commend you as you really fulfill that role well. You are a natural! The kids truly were focused on your every word and story and were so appreciative of you for visiting with us.”

Stephen Reed

Teacher, Akimel Middle School, Phoenix, AZ

“I thoroughly enjoyed Steve Welker! His presentation has inspired many. We have had amazing feedback. Thank you is not enough for sharing the amazing story of resiliency.”

Cindy Reid

Management Analyst, Maricopa County Judicial Courts

“Steve Welker is truly an inspiration! He makes you laugh, then cry and then really laugh. His engagement with the audience is remarkable. His story is one that makes you realize how precious each and every day is. The love for family, friend and community is self evident. To hear him talk about the obstacles that he overcame and how he is out in the community helping others to overcome their obstacles makes me glad that he is here. He teaches you that even when are days are the darkest, there is a ray of sunshine that you can find and grasp on to.”

Webdy Ownes

Program Coordinator, United Way

“Steve is a speaker your association members will not soon forget. His enthusiasm, positive attitude and uplifting story will help them see what they can accomplish, if only they have the vision.”

Lanny Hair

Executive Vice President , Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of Arizona

“No one knows how they’ll handle adversity until they’re faced with it. Steve has demonstrated his faith, perseverance and humility by facing adversity head on as he remains humbled by the opportunities in his future. Steve’s ability to communicate life’s blessings in his public speaking are an inspiration to all that attend.”

Trent Smock

Owner, Straight-line Management Group

“Out of an acute alacrity borne of his own experience, Steve compellingly communicates why the optimum time to consider one’s emotional and spiritual health is before a crisis actually occurs.”

Pastor Brian Goodman

Pastor, Foothills Baptist Church, Phoenix, AZ

“Unlike most speakers at insurance conventions, Steve is one of us and can really relate to what we are going through. Add to that the incredible personal story and all he has overcome and you have a dynamic presentation. I will be incorporating his resiliency skills in my office and at home.”

Mike Worthington

Insurance Agent, Worthington & Associates Insurance

“Steve Welker has a wonderful ability to connect with an audience. Recently, he related his story to 150 employees of Arizona State University’s Intercollegiate Athletic Department. With some straight talk and his personal story of tragedy and triumph, Steve conveyed an important message – any place, at any time our lives can change. But with hard work, the support of loved ones and community services we not only can survive, but thrive.”

Don Bocchi

Senior Association Director of Athletics, Arizona State University

“Steve Welker is a riveting speaker who communicates with passion, depth and clarity. While he has lost his sight, he sees clearly what matters most in life, and communicates his vision to audiences in an inspirational and entertaining way. I highly recommend Steve’s message of “radical resiliency” to audiences of all ages and from all walks of life. Anybody facing obstacles in life will surely benefit from Steve’s wisdom, guidance and counsel.”

D. Scott Herrmann

Ph.D.Psychologist , Maricopa Superior Court

“Tragedy takes people in one of two directions -down or up. Steve Welker’s story is one of a man who refused to be brought down by the accident that left him blind. His life will not only amaze you at what a blind person can achieve, it will challenge you to accomplish things that you never thought possible in your own “normal” life.”

Scott Jones

Pastor, Church

Evaluation comments from NurseWeek Career Fair, Phoenix, June, 2009:

  • Very impressive motivational speaker!
  • Inspires me to model resiliency with and for others by positive conscious practice … attitude of gratitude.
  • It reinforced my desire to be able to encourage, support, and comfort others in my life, personally and professionally.
  • Thank you for sharing your story. It will help to educate others going through difficult times, especially with our economy.
  • Steve walks the walk and talks the talk – thank you!
  • Wonderful presentation!
  • Very inspiring.
  • Inspiration in all aspect professional and personal. Thank you. I certainly needed this session at this time.
  • Excellent speaker, grabs your attention

The following are comments from a recent presentation to Vanguard Financial Services:

  • “Fantastic speaker, great topic. Very moving and inspiring.”
  • “This presentation motivated me to follow my dreams.”
  • “Steve has a great sense of humor.”
  • “I was thoroughly impressed with Mr. Welker’s story.  We complain about how hard like is until we experience someone else’s story.  Mr. Welker has given me a new found confidence and a stronger outlook on life.  Thank you for sharing your experience.”
  • “Fantastic presentation today!  Steve Welker is an excellent speaker!”
  • “Very inspirational speaker.  Good ice breaker and realization of what being blind is about”

Some of the companies/organizations Steve has spoken to include:

  • American Express
  • Arizona State University
  • Bank of America
  • Banner Health
  • Clear Channel Communications
  • Dial Corporation
  • Fed Ex
  • Honeywell
  • Intel
  • JP Morgan/ Chase
  • Macy’s, Price/ Waterhouse
  • U. S. Airways and Vanguard
  • Many more!