Is Steve a Super Hero?

When people hear my story, they often comment about the incredible inner strength I must have had to endure the trauma. They tell me that I surely possess a superhuman ability to overcome incredible odds and persevere. The truth is, I am an average guy who has been through a horrifible event, and I just took the path that seemed the most logical. After living through the tragedy and feeling all the emotions — dismay, disillusionment and discouragement — I came to the realization that I had but two choices: I could either crawl into my bedroom and never leave (and believe me, there were days when that was exactly what I wanted to do), or I could pick up the pieces of my life and move on. What I am trying to convey is this; I believe most people, when they truly accept their limitations, can develop, or uncover from within themselves, an ability to overcome great odds. Superhero status is not a prerequisite. One does not have to possess indefatigable willpower or unshakeable motivation to succeed after a tragedy. With the proper tools and faith in God, most people can do it. Steve Welker, from his book ‘The World at My Fingertips”

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